MenuDirections 2012: Day 3 Photos

Day three offered attendees tips on cooking healthy and awarded the "gold standard" with the annual Goldies awards.

At the 10th annual MenuDirections conference, held in Charleston, S.C., Feb. 26-28, attendees had the chance to learn how to Create Flavor, while Selling Health with educational workshops and networking opportunities.

The third and final day showcased workshops based on cooking healthy, including sessions on cooking with herbs, gluten-free dining and menuing seafood. The conference concluded with our second annual Goldies awards, which were presented in partnership with The Culinary Institute of America. Click through for photos from Day 3.

MenuDirections 2012, Day 3, Breakfast
Breakfast, sponsored by the California Raisin Marketing Board, offered attendees a chance to network and compare notes on the day's activities.

MenuDirections 2012, Day 3, Breakfast, Blueberry Parfaits

Blueberry and raisin parfaits got attendees fired up for the last day of the conference.

MenuDirections 2012, Day 3, Making Gluten-free Healthy, Todd DownsChef Todd Downs presented on making gluten-free options not only healthy but also delicious.

MenuDirections 2012, Day 3, Making Gluten-free Healthy, Todd Downs

During the presentation Chef Downs gave operators ideas for two healthy gluten-free dishes: a savory California Raisin trail mix with chipotle chile pepper powder and a chickpea crostini with Moroccan sweet hot tomato sauce.

MenuDirections 2012, Day 3, Cooking with Herbs

Joe Stanislaw, corporate director of foodservice for Whittier Health Network, and Marilyn Mills, clinical dietitian for Elliot Health System, presented on the importance of cooking with herbs for flavor as well as the body's health.

MenuDirections 2012, Day 3,  Cooking with Herbs, Marilyn Mills

The presenters shared the benefits of using more herbs in cooking such as cutting fat calories, slicing empty carb calories, lowering sodium, adding flavor, aiding digestion and the immune system, plus providing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits.

“It’s not just the culinary benefits [of herbs],” Mills said. “It’s the health benefits. [Using herbs] is stealth health, for sure.”

MenuDirections 2012, Day 3, Seafood on the Menu

Chef Nick Pajor, manager of culinary innovation for King & Prince Seafood, presented on the health benefits of menuing more seafood.

MenuDirections 2012, Day 3, Seafood on the Menu, Nick Pajor

Chef Pajor took a look at historically proven methods of menuing seafood such as Friday fish fries, fish and chips and captain’s platters. However some new trends he noted included the use of super local ingredients, innovative preparations, regional ethnic cuisines and fish items suitable for food trucks. Pajor confessed he is a big fan of the fish taco truck. Another big trend, he added, is sustainability.

MenuDirections 2012, Day 3, Seafood on the Menu

Chef Pajor made a version of Charleston, S.C., favorite shrimp and grits during his session.

MenuDirections 2012, Day 3, STI contest, Jon Plodzik, UNHJon Plodzik, director of dining services for the University of New Hampshire, won the Steal This Idea contest with this idea: "To increase engagement with our guests we have started our own YouTube videos of our activities and students enjoying them. The students love watching the videos. We linked them to our home page and we've had more than 2,500 views in just two weeks. We love the engagement with the students."

MenuDirections 2012, Day 3, STI content, Jon Plodzik, Paul King, iPad2

Editor Paul King presented Plodzik with his prize: an iPad2.

MenuDirections 2012, Day 3, Goldies Awards, David Kamen

David Kamen, project manager for CIA Consulting, introduced this year's Goldie Awards program.

MenuDirections 2012, Day 3, Goldie award

The redesigned golden egg Goldies award.

MenuDirections 2012, Day 3, Goldies, UMass, Going Green

The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, was present to accept their Goldie in the Going Green category. (from left to right) FSD Editor Paul King, UMass Executive Chef Willie Sng, Director of Residential Dining Garett DiStefano and Purchasing and Marketing Manager Chris Howland.

MenuDirections 2012, Day 3, Goldie Awards, video

After the winner was announced, attendees watched the winner's application video. To view all the Goldies winners' videos, click here.

MenuDirections 2012, Day 3, Goldies awards, University of New Hampshire, Health & Wellness

The University of New Hampshire, in Durham, was present to accept their award in the Health & Wellness category. (from left to right) Editor Paul King, UNH Director of Dining Services Jon Plodzik, Director of Culinary Services Ralph Coughenour, Chef Christopher Kaschak and Registered Dietititan Rochelle L'Italien.


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