Majority of California school districts plan to fully reopen in the fall

Nearly 100% of districts say they plan to have kids back in classrooms full-time, according to data released by the state.
Backpack filled with school supplies.
Photograph: Shutterstock

Ninety-nine percent of California school districts expect to be fully reopen for in-person classes this fall, according to new data released by the state

To help build parents and students’ confidence about safely returning to in-person learning, the state’s Department of Health is launching a new campaign this summer intended to help families learn more about how students will be able to come back to school safely.  

The campaign will be targeted at those who have been hardest hit by the pandemic, including Latinx, African American, Asian American and Pacific Islander parents.

Some states across the country have begun mandating the return of in-person learning this fall. 

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