In limbo

We made our move, but we aren't settled in just yet.

What is that adage about “the best-laid plans?”

Here at FSD, we are into the second full week of business at our new offices, but business is anything but usual. Still without phone and Internet service, we are attempting to pull together the September issue of the magazine with chewing gum and string, it seems.

For all of my complaining about how much technology rules our lives these days, from this perspective you get a stronger appreciation for what business would be like without cell phones, fax machines and Internet service. We will get the magazine out because we are professionals, but it won’t be without a fair amount of angst and tension.

I’m sure many of you have experienced something similar in your own operations, the result of glitches that occurred with a renovation or new construction, or even with the installation of a new POS system. You never can fully be prepared for the challenges of anything new. Equipment that isn’t delivered on time, service technicians who don’t arrived when promised, and unforeseen problems with computer systems are all part of the “new” package, it seems.

Have you had any renovation or system “nightmares” that you’d like to share with readers? Operators often can learn from others’ experiences, and we’d love to help by telling your tale. So, if you have a story of a renovation gone wrong, or the new opening from hell, email me at pking@cspnet.com.


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