Fulton County Schools takes recruitment on the road with Gus the Bus

Gus will appear at events across Metro Atlanta to offer prospective employees an opportunity to learn more about the district and apply for a job.
Photograph: Fulton County Schools

Fulton County Schools’ latest recruitment tool is hitting the road. 

For the past two months, the district’s transportation department has been transforming a former school bus into a mobile recruitment center for the district. 

Gus the Bus is making its debut this month and will soon be on the road across Metro Atlanta, stopping by farmers markets, food truck parks, sports events, college campuses and more throughout the year. Users can see where the bus will be by following Gus’ Twitter account or by looking at the district’s website. 

The bus will be driven by one of the district’s security officers, and at least two HR recruiters will be on hand to walk potential candidates through the hiring process. Along with offering FCS swag, the bus is outfitted with Wi-Fi and 10 iPads to help candidates who may not have internet at home apply for positions. 

While Gus the Bus will provide an opportunity for prospective employees to be hired as teachers, the HR department wants to use the bus to highlight all the different roles at the district, such as electricians, bus drivers, custodial workers and school foodservice employees. 

“Most people with experience and skills in these areas and trades do not realizes that K-12 school systems are a viable career option,” says Chief Talent Officer Ronnie Wade. “Gus is our district’s way of informing people and telling the Fulton County Schools’ story, specifically.” 



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