Cura Hospitality debuts a more modern look with brand refresh

The company’s new branding is meant to represent its evolution over the pandemic.
Cura's new logo
Photo: Cura Hospitality

Throughout the pandemic, Cura Hospitality, an Elior company, has constantly evolved to meet the needs of its diners in the healthcare segment while also keeping them safe.

As the food management company grew and expanded into updated grab-and-go foodservice, meal delivery and more, its logo and branding was still stuck in the past.

Cura decided that just as its services had to evolve, so did its brand, and set off on a rebranding campaign that would better reflect the company and its new offerings. “We really wanted to represent the growth that the company has seen this past year that has been just tremendous for us organizationally,” says Managing Director Trish Spellman.

A year in the making, Cura’s new branding features a more modern, crisper look meant to represent Cura’s continued growth from a regional service provider to a national one.

Stepping into the future

The brand revamp has been highly collaborative, Spellman says, and Cura’s marketing team spent substantial time on brand research. “[The marketing team] came to us with the look and feel that they thought was fresh, crisp, energetic, you know, communicating that care and passion that we want to exhibit to our clients and our customers,” she says.  

The company’s logo now features a sharper, brighter font, compared to its older cursive counterpart. Its website also got a refresh to better showcase the company’s social responsibility and sustainability initiatives, new dining formats and how it is evoking Cura’s motto of “nurturing wellbeing with every meal we serve.”

The rebranding has been met positively by customers, and Spellman and the rest of the Cura team are excited to hear more reactions. “When the people you work with say they’re proud or are texting back to you, ‘Oh, I love it! Thumbs up! This is great!,’ that's the fun part of it,” she says. “We hit a homerun; our people are proud.”


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