Chartwells Higher Ed revamps catering program to fit COVID-19 restrictions

Its revised program has provided meals for the vice presidential debate, wedding receptions and more.
Photograph courtesy of Chartwells Higher Ed

Chartwells Higher Ed has revamped its catering program, Carved and Crafted, into a contactless operation in light of the ongoing pandemic. 

We knew our popular traditional catering program wasn't realistic during the pandemic, so we quickly overhauled our program, reinvented the way we serve and made it as safe and accessible as possible," said Lisa McEuen, CEO of Chartwells Higher Education, said in a statement. 

Carved and Crafted now features individually packaged menu options and uses mobile and online ordering for contactless pickup and delivery. 

The revised program has catered numerous events throughout the pandemic, including wedding receptions and the vice presidential debate held at the University of Utah this past fall, where Chartwells Higher Ed employees distributed 6,000 gala boxes to debate commissioners, state and national media outlets, local law enforcement and others on campus for the debate.

"At the 2020 vice presidential debate, we offered contactless catering without sacrificing service or customization,” McEuen said. “We catered vegan and vegetarian friendly, deconstructed gourmet sandwiches and street tacos with make-your-own hot and cold components."

Throughout the pandemic, noncommercial operators across the country have had to get creative with their catering programs and are hoping to return to some semblance of normalcy in the spring.


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