Cafeteria overhaul draws lunch participation

After renovating its cafeteria, Pendleton Heights High School in Pendleton, Ind., has seen sales jump 20% for meals and 10% for a la carte items, Goshen News reports.

The new cafeteria was created to have a collegiate feel and is divided into separate food stations around such themes as grilled items, global eats and made-to-order. The space also features a fresh fruit and salad bar and a bistro located just outside the cafeteria that offers to-go fare.

In order to keep lines moving, the school upgraded the number of cashiers from four to six and also implemented a finger-scanning payment system.

Also new is the Highland Hangout, a special lounge off the main cafeteria that features amenities such as foosball tables, TVs and a sound system. Students are able to eat in the lounge on select days as a reward for good behavior in class.  

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