Boosting all-day dessert sales

As kids, the concept of having ice cream for breakfast is nothing short of a dream. As adults—when consumers do have the option to eat dessert whenever they want—most still don’t indulge in that particular dream. However, a growing number of consumers are indeed treating themselves more often during all dayparts.

dessert variety

According to Technomic’s 2017 Dessert report, the most popular time consumers eat dessert is after dinner (58% do so at least once a week), but other dayparts only slightly lag behind—44% eat dessert as a mid-evening snack and 34% eat it as a mid-afternoon snack, while 35% have it after lunch and 33% as a late-night snack. Even about a quarter of consumers say they eat dessert as a mid-morning snack.

With trends showing that consumers are likely to eat dessert at any time of day, foodservice operators have taken notice, offering sweets and snacks that are appealing to those consumers who want a treat.
A great on-trend dessert menu option is any one of the new Bistro Collection® Gourmet Desserts featuring Baileys® Irish Cream and indulgently delicious taste.

So how can healthcare foodservice operators take advantage of these new habits?

Offer a range of options and highlight daypart interests

While some diners prefer indulgent desserts—think over the top, Instagrammable creations—46% of consumers say they tend to enjoy the same desserts they ate as a child, and those diners may be content with a simple slice of cake or even a fruit cup. For operators to capture the most dessert sales, it’s key to remember these different tastes.

Operators should also consider offering different formats of dessert.  For instance, Technomic’s Dessert report finds that 48% of consumers say that it’s important for the desserts they order at restaurants to be prepared and served quickly, while 33% say it’s important for the desserts to be portable. Operators can appeal to all these preferences by offering choices such as slices of cake or pie in addition to portable treats such as yogurt parfaits or craveable bars.

For boosting all-day interest, signage detailing that certain foods are “perfect for a mid-morning pick me up” or “great for beating the 3 o’clock slump” can turn a lightbulb on in consumers’ minds, reminding them that they can have sweets any time they want.

According to Restaurant Business, more trends are pointing towards to go, delivery and takeout are booming and is estimated to represent 40% of total restaurant sales by 2020. Providing opportunity for purchase of bakery to go can prove to be profitable all day long. Learn how attractive packaging and appealing deserts can entice patron purchase.

Play into flavor preferences

Fifty-eight percent of consumers say that when they’re ordering dessert, it’s important that they’re craving that specific item, so for operators, that means knowing what the most popular and most trendy flavors are so that they can offer exactly what consumers are looking for.

For instance, more than half of consumers say they like to purchase desserts with brand-name ingredients, and 48% of consumers ages 18- to 34-years old find desserts with alcohol ingredients appealing. One alcohol flavor that lends especially well to desserts is Baileys® Irish Cream. Perfect in layer cakes, where it’s used to soak sponge cake as well as in a filling of Baileys® and coffee-flavored mousse, Baileys® sweet and creamy taste will leave diners craving more. It’s also great in cheesecakes— Baileys® Irish Cream cheesecake with a chocolate coffee crumb crust and Baileys® mousse is an indulgent option for when someone really wants to treat themselves. And for those who want a portable option, what’s better than a Baileys® Dark Chocolate Swirl Brownie? Check out these on-trend, ready-to-serve Baileys® flavored desserts from Bistro Collection®.

To capture dessert lovers, put these treats near the coffee, where they can make the connection that sweets go great with their morning cup of joe or as an afternoon pick-me-up alongside their iced cold brew. Learn how easy it is to elevate your bakery offerings and packaging with simple touches that can add incremental profit to your bakery sales.

Attracting diners who are interested in all day dessert isn’t too difficult—consumers already love sweets any time. All it takes is a little strategic signage and placement, attractive to-go packaging, as well as offering a range of options and flavors they’re craving.

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