Bill would set up farm-to-school reimbursement program in New Hampshire

Schools that source their food from the state or ones nearby would receive a percentage of their food costs back.
A tractor on a farm
Photo: Shutterstock

A bill has been introduced in New Hampshire that would establish a farm-to-school reimbursement program in the state.

Under the new bill, school districts participating in the National School Lunch Program would receive money back for local food purchases.

The amount schools would be reimbursed would fall into one of two tiers, depending on where the food was sourced. If items were sourced in New Hampshire, schools would be reimbursed 33.3% of the cost. If they were sourced from nearby Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island or Connecticut, schools will be reimbursed at 16.6% of the cost.

The reimbursements would be capped at $1,200 annually for each school district.

If passed, the legislation would go into effect this July.


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