The best facilities and sustainability practices

Best energy saver

“Motion sensors on our lights in our warehouse. Surprisingly it has saved a lot of money [too].”
—Brent Craig, Douglas County Schools, Castle Rock, Colo.custom veggie bar

The best sustainability solutions

(Ranked from low tech to high tech)

  • Reusable mugs
  • Restaurant-quality dishware
  • Shadow-box frames to label recycling/compost bins
  • Local milk
  • Food Day program (like Earth Day)
  • Meatless Mondays
  • Packaging reduction solutions
  • Half-pallets for loading food to deliver to schools
  • Digital signage
  • Food pulper
  • Program that formulates waste data 

Best multi-tasking kitchen tools

“Spoodles used for serving.”
—Brent Craig, Douglas County Schools, Castle Rock, Colo.

Best waste-reduction technique

"Educating foodservice staff to help students choose foods they know they will eat instead of taking those they don’t want. “We went from 51 percent per-plate waste in several schools down to 13 and 21 percent per-plate waste due to education and making better choices.”
—Gay Anderson, Brandon Valley School District, Brandon, S.D.

Best community collaboration

“We purchase organic whole wheat/sourdough pizza crust from a local bakery.”
—Roger Knysh, Berkshire Health Systems, Pittsfield, Mass.


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