Au Bon Pain revises hospital menu after fielding health complaints

Au Bon Pain is revising the menus of units in New York City hospitals after fielding complaints about the healthfulness of the food, according to Medicaldaily.com.

The menu changes come after City Councilman Corey Johnson, chairman of the Health Committee, sent a letter to Health and Hospitals President Ram Raju, asking him to cut ties with Au Bon Pain because of nutritional issues that were raised by the United Here union in a report it entitled “No Bon Pain.”

According to the study, the average sodium content of a medium serving of Au Bon Pain soup is 1,037 milligrams, the equivalent of five and a half medium orders of McDonald’s French fries.

Au Bon Pain has already tweaked its menu at Jacobi Medical Center and Bellevue Hospital to meet the city’s Healthy Hospital Food Initiative—a voluntary program that aims to promote better nutritional standards in hospitals. Changes at the remaining hospitals, Coney Island Hospital and Elmhurst Hospital, will take effect in about a week, reports Medicaldaily.com.


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