Aramark proclaims ‘bold beats fancy’ with launch of new college concept

B+F is designed to be an uber-customizable burger spot.
B+F concept
Rendering courtesy of Aramark

This summer, several colleges and universities will add a new Aramark concept to campus, as the foodservice management company rolls out B+F, an eatery centered around burgers and fries.

With the tagline ‘bold beats fancy,’ B+F focuses on flavors that pack a punch, such as chipotle.

Students can customize their burgers, with patties ranging from beef to black bean, using a variety of toppings. Grilled or fried chicken are options, too, and diners can select a bowl instead of a handheld, layering a protein and other ingredients over greens.

Operators can mix up the menu based on their customer preferences and geographical location, adding “local favorites” that range from grilled cheese to Philly cheesesteaks to mozzarella sticks, says Deb Parnigoni, vice president of field marketing for Aramark.

B+F is flexible in terms of format as well, with some schools opting for the full-scale concept while others will serve its menu only.

Digital menu boards, mobile ordering and kiosks will also be key components.

“We wanted it to be contemporary because we know students today have a very savvy palate, and we also wanted to think about things like speed of service as well as hospitality because students expect things to be very high-quality but quick,” Parnigoni says.

Five campuses piloted B+F in January, while 27 more will add it ahead of the fall semester. Another 25 will offer the brand’s menu out of an existing concept.


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