30 minutes of fame?

My upcoming interview on Food 4 Thought.

On Tuesday, FoodService Director takes to the airwaves—specifically, community access television in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. I’ve agreed to be interviewed by Foodservice Supervisor Jodi Risse on a local program called Food 4 Thought.

I admit, it is an unusual situation. I’m not often put in the position of answering questions, except maybe at the end of presentations I make before an industry association. My career has been spent asking questions of people like Jodi and crafting stories about them. Still, any chance to gain exposure for the magazine, even on a local stage, is tough to turn down.

This all began in January, during a dinner at the Child Nutrition & Industry Conference in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. I sat at a table with Jodi and talked with her about her district and her foodservice operation. She told me about Food 4 Thought and the guests that they invite, such as nutritionists, legislators and other government officials. Before I knew it, she had invited me to join that list.

So, for 30 minutes Tuesday morning I’ll be in a TV studio, sitting across from a foodservice director as the subject of an interview. What mileage we get from this, I can’t say. I’ll keep readers posted on the day through Twitter, and I’ll blog about my experience later in the week. Stay tuned for the video.


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