FSD K-12 Spotlight


FSDs react to Trump's easing of school lunch rules

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue’s announcement Monday of plans to roll back parts of the National School Lunch Program, including some requirements for sodium and whole-grain products, is drawing a broad variety of reactions from foodservice operators across the nation.


District to expand school dinner program

The district will offer free dinner to after-school activity participants at 35 schools.

Officials say the trucks have helped alleviate long cafeteria lines.

Researches are trying various seasonings to keep kids from throwing produce in the trash.

Students place unopened food in a centralized cooler to be eaten by peers or donated to the local library.

An Indiana high school has seen sales jump 20% for meals and 10% for a la carte items.

Price hikes have heightened the importance of EpiPens’ availability in schools, as well as foodservice employees roles in the allergy-management plan.

Here's how parents prefer to get the lowdown on school foodservice.

New options like an all-you-can-eat fruit and vegetable bar are a hit with students.

The menu debuted right when the American Heart Association released new guidelines to limit children’s daily added sugar intake to six teaspoons or less.

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