FSD C&U Spotlight


Inside a revamped dining hall rooted in flexibility

The eatery’s seven stations will bring expanded hours and new food options to the University of Pennsylvania.


New dining hall leans into ethnic offerings

DePauw University has debuted a tandoor oven and an agua fresca bar in its just-opened dining hall.

If the agreement passes, employees could be back in the dining halls as soon as Thursday.

The plates began disappearing after Boston College switched to reusable ware as part of a sustainability initiative.

The ban was part of an effort to conserve water during a drought.

The university and its students are reportedly stockpiling food in anticipation of a potential strike.

Students are maxed out at four shots of espresso in coffee drinks.

The vendor’s Student Living by Sodexo initiative spans beyond foodservice, offering such programs as roommate matching and bike rentals.

The option was added in response to students’ growing interest in vegan items.

A review of what students typically order online shows the old favorites still holding strong.

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