A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


4 ways to make chicken sales soar

Consumers share which preparations and ingredients they increasingly prefer for the poultry staple.


How 5 operators are making salad bars spring to life

With spring officially underway, operators can start bringing the garden’s bounty to the salad bar. FoodService Director checked in with our Chefs’ Council members to see how diner preferences and seasonal produce are inspiring their latest salad offerings.

These emerging ingredients can help push menus ahead of the curve. 

Operators are going beyond crepes and creme brulee to give the dessert list a French accent.

Exploring underutilized cuts of beef, pork and lamb can yield both economic and flavor rewards. Many of these less-familiar cuts are lower in cost.

4 innovative takes on yogurt. Yogurt is one of the most widely menued ingredients, especially in noncommercial. How are operators offering innovative twists on traditional items? This would cover ideas such as smoothie bowls, savory applications (including parfaits) and yogurt drinks, with a focus on offering yogurt across the menu rather than just for breakfast. 

With the current focus on vegetables and grains, sides are in the menu spotlight. See how three side dish flavors are making waves.

Chicken is such a versatile product—flavor-neutral, widely popular, relatively low in cost—that noncommercial operators can do a lot with it.

Operators are coming up with a bevy of creative ways to meet the reality of dietary restrictions while fitting into a variety of lifestyles.

A career in foodservice can offer plenty of opportunities to indulge, while leaving little energy at the end of the day to prepare nutritious options. Here’s how some foodservice workers dodge distractions and maintain the momentum to eat well.