A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


4 ways to make coffee smokin' hot

Operations are bringing the charred foods trend to coffee.


New spins on DIY stations

While customization is an expectation for many of today’s diners, younger customers seem to prefer self-serve bars over made-to-order items.

Vegetables and grains have stepped into the spotlight, thanks to the “flipping the plate” trend, but protein is still an important part of a balanced diet.

It emerged as a top food trend on Pinterest’s 2017 predictions, is “the latest miracle food” according to Epicurious, and was called “a nutritional bonanza” by NPR.

The demand is up for smoked sausage (+19%), beef brisket (+12%) and beef ribs (+16%) for dinner—a trend noncommercial operators say they are also noticing.

The No Whey station in the main dining hall at Georgia Southern University offers students meals that are free of the eight most common allergens.

With new global influences, fried chicken has been sporting some fresh spins.

An increased focus on food waste and nutrition in the United States has led to a variety of regulations being passed down from the government calling for more informational labeling.

These alternatives for vegans, vegetarians and health-conscious consumers are heating up. 

Operators are giving food scraps and rejects a second life on menus.