A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


Getting menus ready for winter

Research and emerging trends suggest what options will appeal to customers as the weather changes. Here are some suggestions for bolstering your menus' appeal this winter.


Creative snack options for anytime eating

In the noncommercial arena, busy schedules are driving people to snack more often and more adventurously. Here's how operators are meeting the demand.

While the trend has blossomed in C&U, halal menus now are trickling down into other segments. From traditional chicken preps to fish tacos, here’s a sampling.

As the definition of healthy continues to evolve, consumers are demanding transparency across foodservice channels to discern whether a meal fits their own definition.

UCR Dining Services started serving vegan nachos to draw students to dining halls, while also giving them a plant-forward spin to hook vegans.

Operators in residential dining face unique challenges, such as combating food fatigue and balancing nutritional needs with cravings for the comforting food of home.

Satisfying dishes such as fried chicken, burgers, mac and cheese and down-home desserts continue to be customer favorites. 

Restaurant and noncommercial chefs were challenged by the James Beard Foundation to submit burger recipes that blended meat with mushrooms, bolstering the health and eco-friendliness of the sandwiches without a sacrifice of flavor. Here are the five preps that were chosen as the best of the entries from 349 participants.

While it would be next to impossible for most operators to fill their entire produce needs with on-site gardens, the growing process has proven to be an effective marketing and educational tool.

The pungent flavoring is being embraced by operations of all sizes as the next innovation from Southeast Asia.