Recipe innovation

Operators share dishes they've created that highlight one of our featured items from the May 2014 cover story.

This Snapshots of recipes showcases the versatility and functionality of some of the 21 items we profiled in the May 2014 cover story, including avocados, fish and beef.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Idaho Potato Compote in Cone - Bosch LLC. (Southern Foodservice Management Inc.), Broadview, Ill. 

Featuring two different types of potatoes, waffle cones, veggies and fruit, this dish brings a new meaning to cones.

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Curried Lentil and Rice with Corn - Ohio University, Athens

Load up on veggies with this curry dish, which features onions, carrots, corn and celery.

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Grilled Chicken with Avocado Citrus Sauce - Tufts University

This dish is filled with flavor and is also refreshing. Featuring three different types of juices, this dish is great for a summer or spring menu item.

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Cream of Onion Soup with Port Wine - George Mason University, Fairfax, Va.

This recipe puts a new spin on the classic Cream of Onion Soup recipe.

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Herb-roasted Halibut with Sun-dried Tomato Risotto - Lake Vista Retirement Community, Lake Vista, Ohio

Filled with endless flavor and color, this halibut dish also features veggies and a touch of honey.

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Arugula & Summer Berry Salad  - Highmark (Parkhurst), Pittsburgh

Kickstart your summer with this fresh and fruit-filled salad.

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Avocado Soup – Hot or Cold - Highmark (Parkhurst), Pittsburgh

This simple soup recipe is a great dish for multiple seasons. It can be served hot or cold and features fresh avocados.

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Beef Tenderloin and Woodland Mushroom Roulade with a Lobster and Bearnaise Ravioli - Lake Vista Retirement Community, Lake Vista, Ohio

Featuring lobster, beef tenderloin, bacon and mushrooms, this dish is filled with juicy flavors and topped with a creamy sauce.

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