Plant-forward menus for springtime sports fans

Adding plant-based options for colleges during popular sports seasons
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When sports fans gather around a table to watch an important match—whether it’s playoffs, finals or the championship game—it’s not uncommon to see plates of wings, pepperoni or sausage pizzas, loaded fries and other indulgent, shareable snacks. But for diners who want a better-for-you or meat-free option, either once in a while or at every meal, plant-based proteins are the perfect alternative.

PlantFare, a plant-based protein from Kerry Foodservice, is comprised of six ingredients, all of which are natural. When it comes to meat-free dining or offering options for flexitarian diners, this alternative protein can be effortlessly swapped with meat products, is sustainable and provides a healthier choice for health-conscious diners.

Making healthier choices

According to Technomic’s 2018 Healthy Eating report, 40% of consumers say their definitions of health have changed over the past two years. When diners want to eat more healthfully, 29% say they integrate at least one healthy element into their meal. And according to Technomic’s recent College & University report, 34% of students say that the availability of healthy food and beverage options is important to them when purchasing food in their school’s dining halls.

For college sports fans getting together to watch the game, eating healthfully might mean simply replacing ground beef or pork in street tacos or barbecued meats in brisket sandwiches for plant proteins. With 20 grams of protein in each 3.5-ounce serving, PlantFare plant-based protein offers the protein young athletes and college students want, with less fat than some meats. For the 41% of diners who say they look specifically for protein in foods and beverages, that’s a win. Eating plant-based foods at least some of the time is a great way to develop healthy and balanced eating habits, and when the plant-based options are delicious, it’s easy for college diners to make that choice.

Sustainability measures

Consumers are increasingly making sustainability and environmental friendliness a priority when they choose where to dine. Plant-based cuisine is inherently more sustainable than animal products. For instance, producing 1kg of soybean protein emits 84% less CO2 than producing 1kg of poultry protein, according to the 2018 FAIRR Briefing, “Plant-Based Profits: Investment Risks & Opportunities in Sustainable Food Systems.”

Simple swaps

One of the best reasons to try PlantFare is that it can easily be used in place of other favorite proteins. According to Technomic’s Healthy Eating report, one in five consumers say that when they want to order healthy items, they look for vegan or vegetarian options on the menu. PlantFare shreds can be used as a pizza topping, a stir fry ingredient, a protein for nachos and so much more. For health-conscious sports fans who want to indulge in delicious foods while still feeling good about their diets, plant-based proteins offer an excellent compromise. Additionally, PlantFare plant-based protein is great for taking on favorite flavors that are popular in indulgent meals eaten during sports games. For instance, swap in PlantFare for chicken in a buffalo chicken wrap or for the pork in a a barbecue sandwich. By swapping plant-based proteins for their favorite proteins, hungry diners can make healthy choices without sacrificing taste.

Whether it’s health, sustainability or meat-free motivations, the reasons diners choose plant-based fare are varied. Luckily, PlantFare fits their needs while offering operators an easy way to serve hungry sports fans craveable food options in the dining halls as well as offered as part of campus catering packages for sports events.

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