How ghost kitchen 2 Korean Girls is gaining fans one bowl at a time

Cofounders and sisters Jennifer and Michele Kaminski dish up a serving of culture alongside Korean comfort food through their virtual concept.

Jennifer and Michele Kaminski are sisters and the cofounders of 2 Korean Girls, a ghost kitchen that opened in Miami during the pandemic. The two had been planning the virtual concept for three years, offering a menu of delivery-friendly Korean-style bowls in an area devoid of Korean eateries. 

Their mom, Sunny, owns a Korean restaurant in Indiana and helped the pair develop the menu, but her daughters added modern, whimsical touches to the recipes, like a heart-shaped egg on top of their best-selling bibimbap. Renowned Florida chef Allen Susser serves as their mentor and consultant—a vital member of the team for novice entrepreneurs, say the Kaminskis. 

Jennifer and Michele Kaminski
Jennifer and Michele Kaminski

Listen as they talk about their take on Korean food, cultivating digital hospitality and growing 2 Korean Girls into the future.

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