How frozen soup can make menu planning a breeze

Soup bowls
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In its current state, the food industry has been going through one of the most trying times it has ever faced. With the pandemic has come a multitude of new challenges—such as being incredibly short-staffed, navigating a major shift to delivery and take-out orders, not to mention having to figure out the bottom line with a lower dine-in rate. Operators need flexible solutions and partners that can provide inspiration, help save on labor costs and be cross-utilized across the menu. That’s where frozen soups come in.

With Campbell’s® Reserve® and Signature® frozen soups, introducing complex flavors to the menu has never been simpler. Whether it’s spicing up a sandwich with a flavored mayonnaise or crafting a delicious pasta dish with a ready-to-go sauce, Campbell’s soups are more than just soups—they can help to perfect the art of flavor. Perhaps a restaurant doesn’t have the resources to buy lobster shells for a homemade bisque, or the labor force required to roast, poach, and puree butternut squash soup. Thankfully, Campbell’s® Foodservice has it covered.

With frozen soups, operators can always have a high-quality, ready-to-heat soup in the freezer, which will make bringing a dish together easier on staff and on the bottom line. Just think: whenever a cook needs a flavor base in a pinch, or is looking for a new way to incorporate the season’s flavors, Campbell’s Foodservice is the partner who is ready for the challenge. Here are some tips for incorporating soups onto the menu.

6 ways to use soup on the menu

1. Harvest Butternut Squash Dressing

Take Campbell’s®Signature® Harvest Butternut Squash soup. With rich earthiness reminiscent of fall, use it as an incredible base for a salad dressing. Simply emulsify oil and add seasonings to create a beautiful accompaniment to seasonal greens or roasted vegetables.

2. Harvest Butternut Squash Sauce

Campbell’s® Signature® Harvest Butternut Squash soup can also be used as a sauce, paired with roasted potatoes, green beans and sauteed fish, for instance, for something even more elevated for special occasion meals or group dinners.

3. Harvest Butternut Squash Puree

Try folding Campbell’s® Signature® Harvest Butternut Squash into a puree to add a ton of flavor with minimal effort. In these instances, soup acts as more as a seasoning than a soup.

4. Roasted Red Pepper and Smoked Gouda Mayo

On the other side of the flavor spectrum, with Campbell’s® Signature® Roasted Red Pepper and Smoked Gouda soup, the possibilities are equally as endless. Add it to mayonnaise for an incredible dip for French fries, or spread between a burger bun or sandwich for a little extra zing.

5. Roasted Red Pepper and Smoked Gouda Sauce

This soup works well with a multitude of cooking styles, whether used to deglaze a pan after frying sausage, added to garlic and onion for a pasta dish oras a base for a seafood jambalaya.

6. Roasted Red Pepper and Smoked Gouda Compound Butter

Operators can also try using this soup to make a flavored compound butter, caramelized on the outside of a grilled cheese or served with freshly baked bread at the start of a meal.

 With Campbell’s® frozen soups, a lot of work is already done, so foodservice operators can achieve amazing, multi-dimensional flavor profiles with ease.

Campbell’s® Foodservice’s extensive, curated recipe collection gives you the tools needed to make the menu as streamlined and cost effective as possible. With Campbell’s® Foodservice, crafting amazing menu items isa snap.



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