How consumers are approaching health

Get some insight into diners’ mindset these days, courtesy of Technomic data.
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When it comes to food, consumers’ ideas about what’s good for them aren’t staying static.

In fact, one-quarter strongly agree that their definition of health changed between 2018 and 2020, says Technomic’s latest Healthy Eating Consumer Trend Report, published last fall. 

Here’s more about the recent mindset of consumers, just 34% of whom say they are satisfied with their eating habits. 

Better for you? 

Over one-third (36%) of consumers surveyed say they buy healthy items in order to physically feel better after eating, while slightly more than one-fifth (21%) say they opt for healthy choices to feel better emotionally, per the Technomic report. 

Indulgent times

Consumers tend to eat the least healthy when snacking, as this is when 38% say they go for more indulgent options. The morning meal garners the healthiest choices, with 38% of consumers saying their eats skew healthier during the breakfast daypart.

Antioxidants reign supreme 

Sixty-five percent of consumers say they see foods high in antioxidants as being healthier than other items, a higher percentage than those who said the same of foods with immunity-boosting, anti-inflammatory or stress-relieving properties.

Word of mouth is top of mind

Friends and family are the most common source of information about healthy food and diet, with 39% of consumers saying they turn to those they know for this sort of intel. Thirty-one percent say they look to food or cooking shows on TV for this purpose, and 23% turn to social media.



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