Grab-and-go ease and off-premise versatility: Perfect for college and university foodservice

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In college and university cafeterias, grab-and-go options are often quite popular; busy students and visitors need to get a quick meal between classes or before work, and sometimes sitting down to enjoy a meal leisurely doesn’t fit into the schedule. For this reason, cafeterias are wise to offer a variety of options for customers to grab to take on the go—options that still offer the same great taste and quality that sit-down options offer.

The staying power of takeout and off-premise eats

Over the past few years, off-premise dining took off in unprecedented ways. As consumers stayed home more, restaurants and foodservice facilities shifted to delivery and takeout channels to bolster their businesses. As things returned to normal, however, the heightened popularity of off-premise dining remained, with many consumers simply preferring to dine at home (or at school or the office) rather than going to a cafeteria or eatery.

For operators, the shift to takeout and delivery has led to innovation and menu changes to ensure foods offered for off-premise taste just as good as dine-in options.

Busy lifestyles mean increased demand

As the holidays approach – and students’ rush to complete the semester and stressful finals – more diners —more diners will be looking for meals they can take on the go. Now’s the time to prepare for this busy season, so foodservice facilities are ready as the demand increases. By setting up the kitchen with recipes and ingredients that work great for takeout and delivery, operators ensure their customers will remain satisfied with offerings—and return again and again.

Using versatile ingredients

One easy way operators can take advantage of versatile ingredients is by using products that are made for on-the-go. For instance, not all cheeses are made to melt down easily or hold as a creamy sauce—so it’s important to use products that work with specific applications to ensure top quality. Extra Melt® Shredded Cheese options from Land O’Lakes Foodservice are designed to melt quickly and easily and can be used in dishes such as nachos or enchiladas—the residual heat held in the to-go container helps melt the cheese perfectly by the time diners reach their destination. Queso Bravo® White Cheese Dip is perfect for an array of dishes as well, including Tex-Mex choices, global options, pasta dishes and even as a base for creamy, rich soups.

Versatility means operators can offer a varied menu without maxing out on ingredients. For example, use Queso Bravo® Cheese Dip for a comforting yet unique bowl of Bulgogi Mac and Cheese, featuring Korean flavors, beef strips and rich, zesty cheese sauce. Or offer it up on a favorite appetizer like loaded Loaded Southwest Fries–start with hot french fries and top them with brisket, jalapeno pepper, pickled red onions, caramelized onions and Land O Lakes® Queso Bravo White Cheese Dip, then garnish with cilantro and radishes and serve with pico de gallo. For diners looking for a better-for-you option, an Ancient Grain Bowl with Chipotle Queso fits the bill—cooked farro is topped with roasted sweet potatoes, red onions and snow peas, then drizzled with a sauce made of Queso Bravo® White Cheese Dip in adobo sauce. It’s a zesty, healthy dish perfect for a quick lunch or dinner.

Using Land O Lakes® cheese products helps ensure that takeout and delivery dishes taste great every time—no muss, no fuss. To learn more visit here.

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