Cristina Suarez’s evolution from ‘bargirl’ to corporate beverage director of Kush Hospitality Group

Suarez taps her Cuban-American heritage and skills in mixology, management and training to advance the beverage program at the Miami-based company.

Cristina Suarez is a self-taught “bargirl”—a name she is proud to call herself even as a skilled hospitality professional in her 30s.

At 18, Suarez began her journey behind the bar at Hooters, moving on to several Miami hotels where she expanded her cocktail-making expertise and learned valuable management, training and operational techniques.

cristina suarez
Cristina Suarez

Listen as Suarez describes how she taps her Cuban-American heritage to create unique drinks, differentiates the bar at each of the eight Kush concepts, spreads her passion for hospitality and never stops learning.

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