Creatively meeting the demand for plant-based options in C&U

PAOW! delivers versatility and flavor for plant-powered menus.
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As one of the largest groups of plant-based consumers, C&U students are driving meatless protein’s explosive growth. According to Technomic’s 2019 College and University Consumer Trend Report, 1 in 4 students sophomores or older say they’re eating more vegetarian or vegan options oncampus versus a year ago.

Fueled by concern for where food is sourced, animal welfare issues and their food’s impact on the environment, students eagerly gravitate to plant-based dishes—but they also demand that those dishes be exciting, on-trend and flavorful. Technomic notes 44% of students want their school to change their menu more often—challenging operators to think beyond the typical options like plant-based burger patties or chicken nuggets to keep students happy. 

It’s why versatile plant-based protein options like those offered by companies such as PAOW! (People And Our World) are increasingly finding a place at university and college dining tables.

Creating Excitement Across C&U Menus 

The versatile plant-based varieties offered by PAOW!—including the signature Chef Style product—can easily be used in any recipe that calls for protein. Allowing operators to build excitement and participation through an inspired range of flavorful menu options including appetizers, sandwiches, wraps, salads, pizza toppings and more. 

And unlike other plant-based options—which have come under fire for being highly processed—the PAOW! Chef Style protein is made with three simple, all-natural ingredients: soy, water and salt. For healthy, plant-based offerings operators can feel good about menuing.

Answering the Call for Customization

Creating dishes with PAOW! allows operators to easily appeal to students’ strong demand for customized menu options. The proteins make ideal components for customizable meal stations like omelet bars, stir-fry bars and build-your-own pizza stations—as well as themed stations and catering events. 

And for the nearly 47% of students cited in the Technomic Report as wanting campuses to offer more ethnic foods, PAOW! helps C&U professionals creatively menu a range of healthy global dishes—satisfying the evolving tastes of young adults as well as appealing to their school’s international student population.

Offsetting Continued Supply Chain Issues

Meat plant closings due to COVID-19 have caused significant beef, chicken and pork shortages—and C&U operations are feeling the brunt. Plant-based options like those offered from PAOW! are available in strong supply and are therefore not affected by the impending meat shortages. 

Using plant-based proteins also means no animal interaction. The PAOW! production facilities are set up for optimized social distancing and little interaction with the food.

Working with providers like PAOW! also means cost savings. While beef, chicken and pork prices continue to rise, plant-based proteins are available at a significantly lower price per pound.  

A Commitment to Quality

It's hard to go wrong when a recipe starts with quality ingredients. High in protein and fiber, low in cholesterol and fat, PAOW! proteins rank among the healthiest proteins on the market. The PAOW! products also deliver 100% yield, greatly improving cost efficiency compared to meat.  

Through their healthy plant-forward products combining welcome workability with versatility and delicious taste, companies like PAOW! are helping C&U operators effectively deliver the menu variety, flavor appeal and sustainable options students want—while creating selling power, profitability and value.

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