Chartwells looks to win over fans with fresh game-day menus at Texas State

New items served at Bobcat Stadium’s club level are inspired by the football team’s rivals.
Texas State
In addition to changing the club level menu, Texas State Dining has brought new offerings to the student section / Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Chartwells Higher Ed is rolling out new menus at Texas State University inspired by the hometowns of  some of the football team’s rivals.

Chartwells said it considered the opponents of the Texas State Bobcats when crafting upcoming menus and decorations at Bobcat Stadium’s club level.

“We research what the local fare is around those colleges and in those cities,” said Marisol Rodriguez-Silva, Texas State University Catering Director, in a statement. “Our goal is to get our supporters, team boosters, and local VIPs excited about not just attending the games but taking advantage of all the stadium has to offer, including that club-level experience.”

The traditional club-level menu is rotating and features items like a made-to-order avocado bar, steamship round and grana Padano cheese wheel orecchiette pasta. But now, in addition to the traditional menu, there will be items tailored to the day’s opponent.

For example, for the team’s first game of the season against Florida International University in Miami, the menu featured Caribbean jerk pork, coconut rice pilaf and key lime pie. The Bobcats’ next game is against Houston Baptist University, and the menu will include church picnic items like grilled barbecue chicken, mac and cheese, Southern baked beans, coleslaw and banana pudding.

“We want to set a tone for the club level and show off that Bobcat spirit for our biggest fans,” Rodriguez-Silva said. “We also want to show off the fresh food and use ingredients that are in season. We don’t want it to look like a buffet table.”

According to Chin Hong Chua, resident district manager for Chartwells, another factor that contributes to the menu is its “Instagrammability.”

“You can make the greatest food, then realize everything is brown and yellow,” he said in a statement.  “Our team thinks about color from the very beginning. … We want the customer to take pictures of what they’re eating so their friends will want it, too.”

In addition to changing the club level menu, Texas State Dining has brought new offerings, such as the Hays County Burger, bacon-wrapped bratwurst and potato-cheese bratwurst, to the student section



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