Campus Talk: Want ‘Rogies with that?

There’s a fun, flexible menu option headed your way
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There’s no denying that French fries are a staple of many, if not all, college student’s diets. And prep couldn’t be much easier - toss them in a fryer for a few minutes, salt, and serve. As such, they’re a good fit for any C&U menu. Fries do have some limitations, though. Aside from a bad rep nutritionally, fries really function only as sides, limiting their extendibility on the menu.

If only there were a substitute menu item that was just as tasty and easily prepared as fries, with more flexibility.

Enter the Pierogy, the fast-trending Eastern European dumpling currently making inroads in foodservice. For anyone who’s not heard of them, these classic pasta pockets filled with whipped potatoes, cheese, onions and other ingredients have their origins in Poland and the Ukraine. Traditionally served sautéed in butter with onions, pierogies’ popularity is not only spreading through foodservice operations everywhere, it’s also being discovered just how easily pierogies lend themselves to different menu applications. And Mrs. T’s Full Size and Mini Pierogies are leading the way.

More flavor, less cost

Actually more economical than fries when served as a substitute (4 mini pierogies per serving), pierogies also take on the same flavor profiles as fries – bay style, cheese, loaded, etc. And if you’ve considered – then abandoned - adding wings to your menu, sub in popular, easy-prep pierogies instead, in Buffalo-style, BBQ and Sweet Bourbon, for a third of the cost. Or serve sprinkled with Parmesan and Italian spices with marinara sauce as fun late-night pizza cruncher snacks.

With typical holding times of 45 minutes or more, pierogies also lend themselves to stir-fry action stations, fresh salad bars, and a multitude of center of plate recipes. And when it comes to comfort foods, hearty pierogy-based soups like Tuscan Garden Veggie Pierogy soup hit the spot like nothing else. As an added bonus, all Mrs. T’s Pierogies are naturally vegetarian — perfect for campus Meatless Mondays, as well as your Vegan menu.

An easy choice

As a fun food that offers a delicious taste of home to students, staff and faculty, pierogies are always one of the most-requested items on any menu — and a cost-effective way to add the big, bold flavors, excitement and unexpectedly delicious menu options everyone loves to your operation all year.

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