Bold flavors make eating healthy easy

Photograph courtesy of Tabasco

Consumers’ tastes and preferences are changing. They still want to eat great-tasting foods, but they’re increasingly likely to want those foods to be better for them and have quality ingredients. Preparing foods that satisfy the whole family can be a big undertaking—especially when trying to balance everyone’s highly personal desires for varying levels of heat and healthfulness. Incorporating big flavors, including spicy ones, into meals makes it easier to eat healthy without sacrificing taste.

On-trend eats

Spicy flavors have widespread appeal. According to Technomic’s 2019 Flavor Consumer Trend Report, 50% of consumers say their preferred spice level for food is very spicy; 26% say their preferred spice level is moderately spicy. Only 24% of consumers prefer foods that aren’t spicy.

To better serve the varied flavor preferences of families, consider creating meal deals that feature both spicy and non-spicy dishes—think spicy barbecue chicken with more neutral sides such as macaroni and cheese or cornbread. Better still, include condiments such as TABASCO® Brand Pepper Sauce flavors that family members can use to customize the spiciness of their food as they see fit.

Boost business with healthy meals

At mealtime, consumers are looking to serve competing needs within their families. According to Datassential’s May 15 COVID-19 webinar, “What Consumers Want,” healthy, better-for-you foods (32%) and indulgent foods (29%) are nearly equally appealing. Operators can check both boxes—and capitalize on the widespread demand for heat—by offering healthier meals that include indulgent ingredients and spicy flavors.

TABASCO® Brand Pepper Sauce flavors can help consumers overcome key barriers to healthy eating. Proprietary research conducted for TABASCO® Brand by Datassential shows consumers are motivated to add condiments to healthy food to make it taste better. In fact, 36% of consumers surveyed by Technomic said they are more likely to order a particular dish if it comes with a unique sauce; another 37% said they are more likely to try a new or unique menu item if it’s made by or with a brand they know. Including TABASCO® Sauce, which, according to Datassential, has 95% brand awareness among consumers and is the No. 1 sauce requested by name, in recipes and as an add-on condiment can mean big business for operators selling family meals.

Adding a variety of spicy flavors

Hot sauces make it easier than ever for consumers to eat healthfully without feeling like they’re sacrificing taste. Per Technomic, consumers’ favorite hot sauce flavors are jalapeño, chile pepper, garlic, chipotle, Sriracha and habanero.

With the TABASCO® Family of Flavors®, consumers can add their favorite flavor to their meal without guilt. What’s more, the versatility of options, including Original Red, Green Jalapeño, Chipotle, Cayenne Garlic, Habanero, Sriracha, Sweet & Spicy, Buffalo Style and Scorpion, allows consumers to enhance just about every meal—from baked chicken, pasta or barbecue to global-inspired dishes such as a Mediterranean Meatball Wrap and more.

To increase the appeal of better-for-you family meals to consumers seeking flavor, value and versatility, include spicy dishes and add-on condiments in your menu. A few drops is all it takes, making the full Family of Flavors® a cost-effective option for operators of all sizes. Learn more about how TABASCO® Brand makes healthy eating easy at

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