Appealing to Diner Demands for Healthier, Sustainable Seafood

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Today’s consumers are more health-focused than ever—and what they define as “healthy” has shifted, too. No longer are consumers merely looking for low-calorie and low-fat options on the menu—they’re also prioritizing foods that are higher in protein, lower in sugar and sodium and foods that are sourced or produced in a sustainable manner. For noncommercial operators, offering these foods in formats that will appeal to diners is crucial—as is highlighting the health benefits they offer.

What are diners looking for?

Diners’ are eating healthier these days; 55% of consumers say they are trying to eat healthier, according to Technomic’s 2023 Center of the Plate: Poultry & Seafood Consumer Trend Report. In turn, many are choosing seafood dishes more often, as they consider seafood options to be healthier—45% of consumers eat seafood at least once a week, and 37% of consumers say they expect to eat it even more in the coming year.

Beyond simply looking for lower-calorie items, as many health-conscious diners did in the past, today’s consumers are also interested in factors such as the protein content of their food, their salt intake and the sustainability/environmental friendliness of the foods they eat. As such, operators are working to integrate high-protein options that are sustainably sourced, such as Alaskan seafood, to their menu.

Benefits of Alaskan seafood

According to, 42% of consumers say “sustainable” is important to them when choosing what to eat. Wild Alaska pollock, a versatile seafood great for using in a variety of dishes, offers operators a traceable, sustainable source of seafood that gives consumers a healthy, delicious option to choose when they dine. Alaska pollock is low in calories and fat, high in vitamin B-12, rich in omega-3 acids and supports heart and cognitive health. Additionally, it has a lower carbon footprint than any other protein. What’s more, it’s wild-caught, which consumers are also interested in when choosing seafood—42% of consumers prefer to eat seafood caught in the wild vs. farm-raised seafood, according to Technomic’s Seafood report.

High-quality fish makes for high-quality menu items

For operators, sourcing seafood products that meet consumers’ demand for healthy, sustainable foods is key. King & Prince offers an array of sustainably sourced seafood options, including Alaskan pollock. Based on consumer feedback, the brand reformulated its Mrs. Friday’s® Oven Ready Wild Alaska Pollock 3-4oz. fillets to have more protein (14 grams per serving) and less sodium (280mg per serving). With a neutral flavor, it can be used in an array of dishes that will appeal to consumers’ desire for great-tasting meals while also meeting their nutritional demands.

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