4 innovative ways to menu nachos

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Nachos are a favored stadium snack and well-loved bar bite. But they’re so much more than that, too. Because they’re endlessly customizable, they’re a versatile option to put on menus of all stripes. And because they contain mostly familiar ingredients, they’re perfect for kids, who are notoriously picky eaters.

For operators looking to add something new to the menu, nachos are the perfect choice.

Check out the ways some schools are menuing this shareable classic.

A variety of proteins

At the University of Iowa’s Burge Market Place, hungry diners can indulge in the Nacho Bar, available on Saturdays and Sundays. Topping choices include chicken taco meat, beef taco meat and vegan options—black beans or pinto beans.

For the little ones

At Bethlehem School District in Delmar, N.Y., elementary school students can choose beef and cheese nachos with black beans and salsa, served with baby carrots, yellow corn, string cheese and the student’s choice of fruit.

Plant-based options

At East Carolina University’s Westend Hall, students can dine on Vegan Beef Nachos on Tuesdays.

Nachos are perfect for diners of all ages, no matter what their diets include or omit. From plant-based options to smaller-sized portions for the kids, ethnic eats to protein-packed meat indulgences, nachos are a crowd pleaser.

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