3 trends driving foodservice sales in 2022

Photograph courtesy of Sambazon

As many consumers in 2022 will return to their pre-pandemic routines, foodservice operators in noncommercial settings will have the opportunity to welcome back customers and draw them in with new and exciting offerings. This year, foodservice options that are health-forward, align with consumers’ values and come in convenient formats will reign supreme, and offering options that fit these three trends will be key for operators. One food, acai bowls, offer all three of those features—they are appealing to health-minded diners, customizable and perfect for grab-and-go eating. And from the right supplier, they can boast certified fair trade-sourced ingredients, too. Here’s what operators should know about each of these three foodservice trends.

  1. Health-focused options

According to Technomic’s recent Healthy Eating Consumer Trend Report, natural ingredient claims are critical for helping to drive traffic—and some of those claims include “having no artificial sweeteners,” “natural” and “organic.” For operators looking to attract diners, showcasing foods that feature organic, nutrient-dense ingredients will be key. Acai bowls are just one option that fits the bill for this need—fresh acai adorned with diners’ choices of toppings such as oats, hemp hearts, chia seeds, coconut, chopped fruits and more appeal to consumers looking for a healthy breakfast, a hearty afternoon pick-me-up snack or a tasty yet healthful treat any time of day.

  1. Value-aligned foods

Another trend that is driving foodservice sales is whether the foods align with consumers’ values. Beyond physical health, many shoppers and diners are also focused on priorities such as mental health, environmental awareness and fair-trade ingredients that are sourced ethically. For operators, choosing suppliers who source their ingredients ethically will be essential for attracting these mindful diners. Ingredients such as acai sorbet from Sambazon, for instance, are a great option. CEO and founder of Sambazon, Ryan Black, said, “We wanted to start a business to introduce this amazing superfood to the world, directly connect consumers to the sustainability of indigenous communities and to help protect the biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest.” Plant-based recipes featuring Sambazon’s certified organic and fair-trade acai are perfect for ensuring consumers can find food options that meet their desires for foods that match their values. “We wanted to have real transparency, to guarantee the origin of the berries, and certify the puree as organic and fair trade, so we had to build direct relationships with the farmers. This created a positive economic reaction from the Amazon to the world,” Black said. Pair an acai bowl with a fair-trade cup of coffee for a perfect morning deal for these diners!

  1. Convenient, grab-and-go choices

Finally, convenient formats that allow consumers to grab-and-go are going to be big sellers going forward. Consumers want to be able to get in and get out quickly, and convenient formats such as bowls that they can pick up, pay for and eat on the go are an ideal option for foodservice operators. Choosing ingredients that are available in several formats that suit operators’ unique needs will be helpful. Sambazon acai sorbet, for instance, is available in scoopable, blendable, dispensable and ready-to-eat options, making it easy for operators to choose the right solution for their operation.

Low-labor solutions for modern times

As acai bowls remain popular choices at foodservice locations, it’s understandable that many operators are looking for easier options when it comes to preparing them. Sambazon’s new Ready-to-Eat Acai Bowls are just that—pre-made and ready to eat, which helps operators streamline the entire process—perfect for a time when labor is stretched thinner than ever.

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