Students at Waterside School get a side of etiquette with lunch

Senior Chef Manager Kristen Jelormine incorporates manners and culture into mealtime at the K-5 school.


Florida Blue changes up cafe service to a fast-casual restaurant model

The new setup better accommodates employees’ more flexible work schedules, the labor shortage and purchasing.

A “refreshed look and feel” are on the menu as the division prepares new items for Major League Baseball’s 2022 season.

Staffs work closely with Muslim students to create dining options in sync with Ramadan traditions and schedules.

Catering partner Sodexo Live! gives basketball fans a taste of New Orleans with new food and drink additions.

Recipes that celebrate the green on St. Patrick's Day

Cura Hospitality is expanding food and drink activities at the Presbyterian Senior Living community to encourage interaction as COVID concerns wane.

The menu, service style and staff training work together to elevate the dining experience and well-being of those with cognitive disabilities.

The nonprofit’s Northeastern Illinois branch built a centralized kitchen, hired an FSD and recast its menu to give food recipients a fresh experience.

Dried fruits and vegetables, including California Figs, can help operators create craveable, delicious, better-for-you options without adding the stress of a short shelf life.

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