Recipe report: Waffles


Chefs are taking waffles way beyond breakfast, serving up sweet and savory versions for lunch, dinner, snacks and more. Check out five innovative waffle recipes here. 

1. Almond-Crusted Chicken and Waffles


Chicken and waffles, a classic duo, is currently trending on many menus. To differentiate the pairing, chef Fraser dredges chicken thighs in a blend of rice flour, almond meal and cornstarch for a light but crispy coating and adds almond meal to the waffle batter, too.

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2. Potato Waffles Benedict

potato waffles

Customers in the mood for two brunch icons in one dish can find the combo in this recipe. Chef Ellis serves eggs Benedict over waffles, rounding out the dish with a creamed spinach and caramelized onion sauce. To give the dish a unique spin, he makes the waffle batter with potatoes and onions.

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3. Spent Grain Waffles

cia waffles

Kitchen staff at The Egg, the student dining venue at the Culinary Institute of America, makes these waffles with whole grains for a healthy boost and hearty flavor. The batter uses both spent grains left over from beer production at the CIA’s on-campus brewery and whole-grain flour.

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4. Waffle Balls

waffle balls

This six-location sit-down restaurant specializes in customized meatball bowls built on pasta, polenta, veggies and other ingredients. In keeping with the Meatball Shop’s theme, the kitchen makes waffles in spherical shapes to serve at brunch. The batter is baked in a takoyaki plate—a cast-iron pan with 16 round wells designed for making Japanese octopus cakes.

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5. Chicken and Waffles Grilled Cheese

waffle sandwich

At this 13-unit grilled cheese concept, chef Fish creates unique twists on the comfort-food favorite. Here, he sandwiches fried chicken between maple-flavored waffles with Sriracha butter and cheddar cheese. Vegetarian customers can opt for fried tofu in place of chicken.

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