Recipe report: Sandwich innovations

sandwiches on table

Since August is National Sandwich Month, the timing is right to inject some creativity into your sandwich lineup. These six recipes change up classics like grilled cheese, turkey and the iconic French dip with flavor or ingredient twists—small tweaks that make a big difference.

1. The Corbencito French Dip

blue collar brisket

At Blue Collar restaurant, chef Danny Serfer serves a sandwich named after his pal Corben. It’s a twist on a French dip he calls the Corbencito. The sandwich starts with housemade braised brisket that simmers for more than three hours. Serfer piles the sliced brisket on a Portuguese muffin and serves a cup of jus on the side, along with potato pancakes and applesauce.

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2. Roasted Turkey Sandwich with Blueberry Chutney

roasted turkey sandwich

Kick the mayonnaise to the curb for this sandwich. Chef Samuel demonstrates how to elevate a plain turkey sandwich with a condiment made with in-season blueberries. The scratch-made blueberry chutney is spiked with grated orange peel, ginger, crushed red pepper and cranberry sauce—flavors that pair especially well with turkey.

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3. HopMonk Grilled Cheese

hopmonk grilled cheese

Grilled cheese is a perennial kids’ favorite, but American cheese is usually the default filling. To expose young diners to a greater variety of cheeses, chef Reid layers mild and sharp cheddar with Swiss between the bread and adds grated Asiago to the breadcrumb coating of his grilled cheese sandwich.

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4. Jerk Confit Duck Leg Sandwich

jerk confit sandwich

Jerk seasoning is usually associated with chicken, but chef Rios successfully transferred the idea to duck—a bird that can take on more assertive flavors. The recipe has several components, but the jerk sauce, cabbage salad and garlic mayo can all be made ahead.

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5. Hash Brown Veggie Melt

hash brown veggie melt

Culver’s offers different take on a breakfast sandwich, layering hash browns on grilled bread along with cheese, mushrooms and green bell peppers. A zesty Parmesan-garlic spread further differentiates the sandwich, which can easily morph into a lunch item.

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6. Lamb Bao with Olives

Chef Fernandez serves these petite sandwiches as tapas, fusing an Asian idea with Spanish ingredients. They make a good choice for the growing number of snack menus and bar menus showing up in restaurants. Snacks also are increasingly in demand at noncommercial venues, as customers seek midafternoon nibbles that are more substantial and interesting than a bag of chips or cookies.

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