Recipe report: Fresh takes on produce

farmers market

With the growing season now underway, operators have a larger supply of fresh produce coming into the kitchen. To freshen up plates for spring by spotlighting fruits and vegetables, try these five recipes.

1. Oak Planked Salmon with Asparagus


Spring signals the arrival of both Copper River salmon and local asparagus. Chef Chamberlain combines the two in this seasonal special, but other species of wild salmon can be used as well. To highlight the fresh flavors of the salmon and vegetables, both boast a simple preparation and presentation.

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2. Mango, Ricotta and Prosciutto Galette

mango galette

This colorful tart shows off fresh slices of mango, rosy prosciutto and spring greens. At Northern Tiger, Chef Seibert serves it as a small plate on the dinner menu, but on its own, the galette makes a savory lunch or brunch dish.

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3. Shrimp with Roasted Red Pepper Vinaigrette and Edamame

Roasted Red Pepper Vinaigrette

At caterer The Tangerine Food Co. in Des Moines, Chef Madole roasts red bell peppers to make big batches of this tofu vinaigrette to use in a variety of applications. Here, the creamy dressing is tossed with grilled shrimp and served on a bed of steamed edamame and corn over salad greens. 

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4. Roasted Red Grape, Octopus and Fingerling Salad with Lime Aioli

octopus salad

Chef Samuel develops recipes with a focus on health and wellness, using fresh fruits and vegetables to create flavor and color contrast. Roasting grapes intensifies their flavor, creating a sweet, juicy counterpoint to the potatoes in this salad. Lime aioli adds another shot of freshness to the octopus appetizer.

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5. Pizza with Blueberry Chutney

duck pizza

At Annabel restaurant in New York City, Chef Honrado gives pizza a fresh twist with the addition of housemade blueberry chutney. The pizza toppings also include duck prosciutto, ricotta and arugula.

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