Menu Strategies

Best practices for creating innovative menus and signature dishes

See what’s driving consumers to the a.m. meal as breakfast consumption dwindles.


Spec underutilized cuts and stretch smaller portions to cut protein costs.


Here’s a sampling of what operators are currently offering. 


Operators are crafting excitement for celebratory menus. Here are four ways to generate excitement during holiday-season meals from operators who have had success. 

school lunch

School menus are seeing healthier and globally influenced spins on classic dishes this season. Read on for a sampling of choices. 

Create international flavor with sauces. For inspiration, FSD talked to operators who are offering a range of condiments plucked from global regional cuisines.
side dishes
Here's what diners are looking for in entree accompaniments. Here’s what attributes consumers say are important when picking sides. ...
A university's new station hits on all dayparts. Loyola University Maryland took a new approach to all-day breakfast with an egg-focused concept. Here’s a sample...
Cracker Barrel breakfast

See which 10 chains are most meeting consumers’ morning cravings. The chains are ranked from in order of the percentage of diners who say the items are craveworthy.

winter table setting

Unique comfort foods are soon to be the stars of the menu on campus. Here are some menu items that will be making their debut on campus this winter.


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