Menu Strategies

Best practices for creating innovative menus and signature dishes
college students eating
These 10 attributes are the most important to college students when choosing snacks, according to Technomic’s 2017 College and University Consumer Trend Report.
pizza toppings

See the toppings and crust types that are peaking on this indulgent favorite.

zaxbys chicken fingers

Find out which 10 restaurant chains are winning with chicken that consumers say they can't get anywhere else. The chains are ranked from 10th to first.

smashburger fry variety

At a time when differentiation is helping brands compete, the facile approach to fries won’t cut it. Some restaurant operators are starting to think fry-forward.

bowl of breakfast fruit

Operators are changing up the menu, service and timing to refresh the morning meal.

healthy snacks

FSD added some fresh faces to the veterans on our Chefs’ Council. Noncommerical chefs dish on the productivity promoters that get them through the workday. 

bbq sauce

Regional American, ethnic versions and spicy to sweet variations are among the fastest-growing barbecue flavors. Here are the eight seeing the most rapid growth.

ingredients baskets

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest foods and flavors emerging in commercial operations. Here’s a peek at some of the ingredients that could soon show up in...

candy gummies

Operators are sweetening sweets with candy garnishes and add-ins. From shakes blended with toffee bars to ice cream enveloped with cotton candy, here's some inspiration...

mini sandwich

A significant number of Firehouse Subs’ customers were looking for lighter alternatives to its sandwiches. With trends in mind, the company launched a small sub size.


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