Menu Strategies

Best practices for creating innovative menus and signature dishes
eating dinner

Diners continue to seek spicy flavors and off-the-wall combinations. Operators are maximizing appeal by displaying uniqueness and a level of comfort with fresh flavors....


The cold-weather favorite has many different looks on menus. 

mushroom burger

Changing preferences have operators shifting to new toppings and flavor profiles. Operators are experimenting to keep the staple top of mind for consumers. 

Break the back of house out of the cooking comfort zone. FSDs can build on their staffs’ existing skill sets—with experiences and training—to make development happen.
plant power

Vegetables and grains rose to the top in FSD's 2017 Chefs' Council Menu Trends Survey. Plants are no longer moving to the center of the plate; they’re firmly rooted.

pumpkin spice ingredients

The popular fall flavor may be on the skids. 1010data revealed that while the number of pumpkin spice products available has surged 50%, sales are growing by just 21%....


A staple in several cuisines, noodles’ adaptability lends them to be used in a variety of dishes. Here are some ways operators are currently menuing the ingredient. 

beet food

Getting more value from suppliers and distributors starts with knowing what they offer, including industry intel. 

snack time

Schools move toward more wholesome snacks—but not without snafus. Here's how the Smart Snacks in Schools federal guidelines that began in late 2014 have helped.

homemade cooking

Clean, scratch-made dishes are in high demand, but labor is in short supply for noncommercial operations. Operators share tips for creating speedier scratch-made dishes...


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