Menu Strategies

Best practices for creating innovative menus and signature dishes
poke bowl seaweed salad

The fish dish is the new darling of commercial fast casuals, with dozens of poke-focused concepts launching over the last year or so. 

students candy street food

Binghamton University alumnus Sung Kim heard the word on street food long before arriving at the upstate New York campus. 

usa map regions
We combed through data from our College and University Census, Hospital Census and Long-Term Care/Senior Living Census for the most surprising variations in menu trends and expectations.
mac cheese pizza
The familiarity that turns a dish into comfort food can also stamp it as a boring choice. Here's how some operations are trying to put new fire into the gold standard of comfort...
pickle jars
While the pickling process used to involve hours of sterilizing and boiling canning jars, chefs are finding that speedier methods can produce fresher-tasting results.
french dip sandwich

The familiar roast beef sandwich, typically served with a cup of au jus for dipping, is showing up in a variety of forms in restaurants of all types.


3 greens market salad bar

Operators are getting more creative with customization.

juices smoothies drinks fsd

Here are six ways to snag the attention of these discerning customers.

eggs benedict

Restaurants are taking eggs Benedict in new directions with unique ingredients and techniques. 

ford field

From branded burgers to bacon, this season’s eats are angling for a sales touchdown.


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