Menu Strategies

Best practices for creating innovative menus and signature dishes
gumbo soup
Soups and stews are natural vehicles for these odds and ends of vegetables, grains and proteins, but you can’t just add items aimlessly into the pot.
shakshuka egg tomato
A North African egg dish with American appeal is experiencing menu growth.
portillos hot dogs

Hot dog and sausage operations are trending in multiple segments, thanks to affordable ingredients and a variety of flavors.

twitter phone map

While researchers were hoping to study health in different neighborhoods, FSD has takeaways for operators that could lead to successful social media marketing...

spilled coffee beans glasses
Select U.S. cafes will give up counter space to serve creamy, nitrogen-infused java made from a cold-brew base. How did nitro become the hottest new thing in coffee?
tacos plate

Chefs’ Council members told us that many of their biggest successes in the past year were items including soft tacos, samosas, stuffed Chinese bao and banh mi.


Like presidential campaigning, trend forecasting starts sooner each year. Here's an early look at culinary predictions.

netflix logo chilis

In the spirit of "Netflix and chill," FoodService Director combed through the streaming service’s offerings and paired them with chili-based recipes.

vegetables frying pan greens

As flexitarian diets continue to trend, operators must make their veggie offerings stand out.


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