Menu Strategies

Best practices for creating innovative menus and signature dishes
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To menu 2017's top trends, no foodservice kitchen should be without these items.

homemade meatloaf

Foodservice operations are motivated by down-home, affordable and operationally efficient meatloaf.

induction cooking nuts
Taking customization even further, operations are handing over even more control to customers with both build-your-own and cook-your-own stations.
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We’ve covered the foodservice trends we expect to see more of in the coming year, but what about those that should stay behind? Some of the country’s top operators and...

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A look back at the most fun and thought-provoking fare offered at chain concepts this past year.

seniors boomers dining

See how one chef satisfies the differing health and menu preferences of older residents and baby boomers.

chef demo cooking saucing dish

These predictions grabbed our attention while looking through the National Restaurant Association’s 2017 culinary forecast.

ponderosa shrimp skewers

Offering surprising foods on skewers could catch diners' attention.

Clients are increasingly demanding nonalcohol bar options at company soirees, and they expect the craftsmanship afforded to a classic cocktail.
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Millennials and Gen Zers are heavy drinkers—of nonalcoholic beverages, that is. Respondents in the 18-34 age group purchase drinks four times a week.


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