Menu Strategies

Best practices for creating innovative menus and signature dishes
How FSDs are building off diners’ perceptions of flavor and health to create winning dishes.
roasted turkey fillet

Chicken still rules the roost, but diners are coming across more turkey options.

chef omelet station

Here are the fastest-growing customizable foods in noncommercial dining—and how operators are making them stand out.

dosa plate

As dayparts continue to blur, try grabbing the interest of between-meal customers with unique flavors and global foods.

whole chicken

Consumers share which preparations and ingredients they increasingly prefer for the poultry staple.

jasons deli salad bar

With spring officially underway, operators can start bringing the garden’s bounty to the salad bar. FoodService Director checked in with our Chefs’ Council...

sauces condiments variety

These emerging ingredients can help push menus ahead of the curve. 

mont blanc dessert

Operators are going beyond crepes and creme brulee to give the dessert list a French accent.

escarole salad

With the current focus on vegetables and grains, sides are in the menu spotlight. See how three side dish flavors are making waves.

health wellness apple salad

Operators are coming up with a bevy of creative ways to meet the reality of dietary restrictions while fitting into a variety of lifestyles.


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