Chefs' Council: What's hot at breakfast?

High egg prices, a result of the avian-flu epidemic, continue to worry noncommercial chefs. Some are taking preemptive measures by redirecting the breakfast menu, and many expect  this new direction to continue into next year. 

“The breakfast burrito is still our best seller … the portability factor is huge with our students. But … we have seen a 50 to 60 percent decrease in availability of liquid eggs and a 30 percent price increase in shell eggs. One alternative we’re offering is a savory breakfast turnover with white bean cassoulet and potatoes.”

—Janna Traver McCann, Kansas University Dining Services

“A big trend on campus is local farmers market products in scrambles, served in
a burrito or flattened shell.”

—Eric Ernest, USC Hospitality

“With the egg shortage, we are turning to fast grab-and-go items such as sausage rolls and fruit parfaits. We also have started making some whole-grain breakfast breads in-house that we are selling out of daily.”

—Callie Fowler, Union Public Schools

“Not only flavored oatmeal, but quinoa, bulgur, polenta, wheat berries—all with fresh or dried fruits, nuts, spices and brown sugar.”

—Bill Laychur, The Pennsylvania State University

“Savory hot cereals and fried rice.”

—Tracey MacRae, University of Washington

“Breakfast pizza on naan bread with ethnic mashups. This item has been super popular since we introduced it in early spring.”

—Eric Eisenberg, Swedish Health Services

“Breakfast sandwiches on pretzel buns.”

—Eric Cartwright, University of Missouri 

55% of respondents expect to see all-day breakfast expanding in 2016.

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A foodservice conference in Kentucky held a student panel where students gave feedback on their school lunch program, Bowling Green Daily News reports.

The panel of students, who attend Warren East High School in Bowling Green, Ky., said that they would enjoy menu items such as smoothies made with natural ingredients, and a salad bar. Students also said they would like the option to dine in places other than the cafeteria, such as the library or outside.

Additionally, the students shared that phone calls, Snapchat and FaceTime were their favorite methods of communication...

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students eating lunch

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Imitating restaurant trends has long been a way to increase participation in K-12 meal programs. As consumer drive for ethnic flavors continues to ramp up—it was named as a top trend by the National Restaurant Association earlier in 2018—it’s no surprise that school meal operators are looking to bring those qualities to the lunchroom. And ethnic inspiration isn’t the only restaurant trend popping up on school menus. Plant-forward cuisine and customizable options are also proliferating.

Ethnic eats

A 2017 report from the School Nutrition Association found...

Menu Development

Though consumers are interested in improving their food choices, they can be easily scared away by dishes that sound too healthy .

For instance, according to Technomic’s Healthy Eating Consumer Trend Report , 30% of diners ages 18-34 said they would choose an indulgent menu item over a healthier one because they thought the indulgent item would taste better.

To diners, good tasting and good for you don’t usually go together. With that in mind, today’s chefs are meeting that challenge by marketing delicious, flavorful, indulgent dishes that also happen to be healthy....

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Students at Adobe Acres Elementary School in Albuquerque, N.M., have a new menu item this school year, KOB reports.

Named Delish, the dish includes hominy, corn and carnitas and is available on Wednesdays every three weeks this semester.

The recipe was developed in a partnership between the nutrition team and celebrity chefs Adrienne Cheatham and Jet Tila.

Read the full story via .

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