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A vote could come as soon as today.
A Facebook page is serving as a forum for Duke students to voice complaints about how food options are being labeled.
The germ wasn't killed by temperatures as high as 160 degrees...
In two steps, the agency hopes to reduce the content in food sold to consumers by roughly a third.
The legislation, hailed as a landmark by labor proponents, is already being copied by other municipalities.
The expansion follows successful pilot programs at two elementary schools and one high school.
In an effort to improve patient satisfaction, the University of Mississippi Medical Center has chosen Morrison Management to provide foodservices at its three hospitals.
Officials say the high-tech site will allow the university to expand the food options it offers.
Recognition of the best operator in the foodservice industry has seldom fallen on a noncommercial operator. This year's competition to find the industry's best operator is an exception...
One tactic includes introducing students to produce with appealing names, such as dragon fruit and rainbow carrots.



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