Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
The Circuit seeks to support athletes with healthy meals and snacks, among other facets.
Around 40% of schools throughout the state participate in the initiative, which aims to increase the use of local ingredients in school meals.
Cathy Desquesses will join Sodexo’s executive team after spending 20 years at General Electric.
The greenhouse will allow students to plant, grow and eat their own produce.
Regional School Unit 17 has also phased out plastic utensils and is in the process of scrapping foam trays.
Nineteen districts throughout the state will get funds to create or expand local food programs.
The system allows the company to track its eco-friendly programs and purchases.
The coordinator will be in charge of helping around 1,000 students choose healthy foods through field trips and other activities.
Students at six schools will be able to use the devices to enter dining halls this fall. 

The bills would help form a share table initiative in each school and alter the federal 2012 guidelines.


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