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The honor went to an 11-year veteran whose signatures include a feedback mechanism on student menus.
Students will have more of a say of what’s on their menus.
A food fight is happening at Oberlin College over dishes deemed insensitive.
Daniel Giusti’s new company, Brigaid, will renovate school kitchens and staff them with professional chefs.
The six-week program teaches students about health, nutrition and how to prepare nutritious meals.
The attack would have taken place in Riverside City College’s cafeteria in 2011, Syed Farook’s longtime neighbor said.
The program had been in place at Woodrow Wilson Middle School for 20 years.
Penn State’s nutrition bar, located in the renovated Lasch Football building, serves up high-protein snacks.
Some students say long wait times are a big reason they eat off campus.
The University of Iowa already has goals for the year 2020. Students want them extended to 2050.


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