Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
Signature dishes from the colonies will be served during the event, a first on campus.
The district says it would have to spend $8 million to cover the program at all schools.
The station served 207 bowls in four hours, close to one bowl per minute.
Starting this summer, students will have access to chef-made meals at pop-ups, extended dining hours, food trucks and more.
The program targets families who don’t qualify for free or reduced-price meals, but are still struggling financially.
Auer Avenue School teamed up with a local chef to bring hot breakfasts to students each week.
Participating chefs had to prepare an entree using a secret ingredient.
Members plan to introduce a bill that would take processed items out of public school cafeterias.
It’s drafting a policy that outlines the consequences of not paying for meals.
The nine honorees include some well-known names in noncommercial.


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