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Students at a local school will learn how to make vegetarian tamales and later showcase the dishes they helped create.
The goal is to educate about the risks of a high-sodium diet, officials say.
The district plans to add more nutritious meals to its menu after participating in a demonstration led by Master Chef Jimmy Gherardi.
UC-Berkeley, Yale and Vanderbilt were among the winners named at the association’s 2016 Loyal E. Horton awards.
Officials say local restaurateurs are not happy with student dollars staying on campus.
Students can choose from three food box options—endurance, muscle building and rapid recovery—aimed at providing specific nutritional choices for their preferred sport.
Officials say the threat will be used as a last resort to hold parents accountable.
The upgrades include a farm-to-table program at one of the park's restaurants and an on-site barbecue option at another...
East Aurora High School students not only prepare and serve food for the cafe, but also learn how to run a restaurant.
Spring Independent School District’s tactics include a fruit-themed “usie” photo contest.


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