Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
The mass demonstration is intended to bolster support for higher wages for cashiers, cooks and other quick-service workers.
Michael Rosenberger takes over the role after Goldstein was let go from his position with New York City Public Schools.
The $228,000 grant will be used to provide healthy snacks to students three time a week.
Cold cuts, hot dogs, bacon and pepperoni are no longer being served in the lunch line.
The food-ordering platform popular on college campuses aims to extend its customer longevity.
The wage increase will impact 66 workers at 14 schools.
The bill would require schools to provide a USDA-reimbursable meal to students even if they cannot pay.
Customers of full-service establishments can still get one upon request.
This is the district’s third food truck.
The state legislation signed into law this week is the first of its kind.


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