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On a typical Thursday, Cole Coffey, a sixth-grader at Schoo Middle School in Lincoln, Nebraska, would face a school lunch menu that reads a little like a Weight-Watchers recipe guide:
The Davidson College Student Government Association is calling on the college to reduce the cost of its meal plan, which all students will be required to purchase next year.
On Friday, 7-year-old Jamarcus Spencer devoured an organic hot dog that is on the menu because the school is working to provide more healthy meals to its students.
When it comes to high-quality food, Apple employees have got it made.
Montgomery County students will be seeing fewer dyes, artificial sweeteners and other chemical additives in their food after a recent decision by school officials to add to a list of banned...
Last week, late-night visitors to the Collis Café found the rear entrance to the venue roped off, its glass doors shut — new measures to prevent food theft.
It’s been nearly four years since First Lady Michelle Obama sent shockwaves through the education world with the announcement of new school lunch regulations.
After a months-long process of improving options for students who cannot eat gluten, campus dining halls have received gluten-free certification.
With the recent outbreak of Enterovirus D68 cases throughout the nation, some Escambia County parents have expressed concern about the way food service is provided in Escambia County schools.
Starting this fall, UCR is rolling out the Moo Moo Udderly Twisted truck, which will feature ice cream and other dessert options.


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